The documentation you are viewing is for Dapr v1.12 which is an older version of Dapr. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.

Set up a Minikube cluster

How to setup a Minikube cluster


Start the Minikube cluster

  1. If applicable for your project, set the default VM.

    minikube config set vm-driver [driver_name]
  2. Start the cluster. If necessary, specify version 1.13.x or newer of Kubernetes with --kubernetes-version

    minikube start --cpus=4 --memory=4096
  3. Enable the Minikube dashboard and ingress add-ons.

    # Enable dashboard
    minikube addons enable dashboard
    # Enable ingress
    minikube addons enable ingress

Install Helm v3 (optional)

If you are using Helm, install the Helm v3 client.


The external IP address of load balancer is not shown from kubectl get svc.

In Minikube, EXTERNAL-IP in kubectl get svc shows <pending> state for your service. In this case, you can run minikube service [service_name] to open your service without external IP address.

$ kubectl get svc
NAME                        TYPE           CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)            AGE
calculator-front-end        LoadBalancer     <pending>     80:30534/TCP       25h
calculator-front-end-dapr   ClusterIP   <none>        80/TCP,50001/TCP   25h

$ minikube service calculator-front-end
| NAMESPACE |         NAME         | TARGET PORT |            URL            |
| default   | calculator-front-end |             | |
🎉  Opening kubernetes service  default/calculator-front-end in default browser...

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