The documentation you are viewing is for Dapr v1.12 which is an older version of Dapr. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.

Kubernetes DNS name resolution provider spec

Detailed information on the Kubernetes DNS name resolution component

Configuration format

Generally, Kubernetes DNS name resolution is configured automatically in Kubernetes mode by Dapr. There is no configuration needed to use Kubernetes DNS as your name resolution provider unless some overrides are necessary for the Kubernetes name resolution component.

In the scenario that an override is required, within a Dapr Configuration CRD, add a nameResolution spec and set the component field to "kubernetes". The other configuration fields can be set as needed in a configuration map, as seen below.

kind: Configuration
  name: appconfig
    component: "kubernetes"
      clusterDomain: "cluster.local"  # Mutually exclusive with the template field
      template: "{{.ID}}-{{.Data.region}}.internal:{{.Port}}" # Mutually exclusive with the clusterDomain field


The component resolves target apps by using the Kubernetes cluster’s DNS provider. You can learn more in the Kubernetes docs.

Spec configuration fields

The configuration spec is fixed to v1.3.0 of the Consul API

Field Required Type Details Examples
clusterDomain N string The cluster domain to be used for resolved addresses. This field is mutually exclusive with the template file. cluster.local
template N string A template string to be parsed when addresses are resolved using text/template . The template will be populated by the fields in the ResolveRequest struct. This field is mutually exclusive with clusterDomain field. {{.ID}}-{{.Data.region}}.{{.Namespace}}.internal:{{.Port}}

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