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AlibabaCloud OOS Parameter Store

Detailed information on the AlibabaCloud OOS Parameter Store - secret store component

Component format

To setup AlibabaCloud OOS Parameter Store secret store create a component of type secretstores.alicloud.parameterstore. See this guide on how to create and apply a secretstore configuration. See this guide on referencing secrets to retrieve and use the secret with Dapr components.

kind: Component
  name: alibabacloudparameterstore
  type: secretstores.alicloud.parameterstore
  version: v1
  - name: regionId
    value: "[alicloud_region_id]"
  - name: accessKeyId 
    value: "[alicloud_access_key_id]"
  - name: accessKeySecret
    value: "[alicloud_access_key_secret]"
  - name: securityToken
    value: "[alicloud_security_token]"

Spec metadata fields

Field Required Details Example
regionId Y The specific region the AlibabaCloud OOS Parameter Store instance is deployed in "cn-hangzhou"
accessKeyId Y The AlibabaCloud Access Key ID to access this resource "accessKeyId"
accessKeySecret Y The AlibabaCloud Access Key Secret to access this resource "accessKeySecret"
securityToken N The AlibabaCloud Security Token to use "securityToken"

Optional per-request metadata properties

The following optional query parameters can be provided when retrieving secrets from this secret store:

Query Parameter Description
metadata.version_id Version for the given secret key
metadata.path (For bulk requests only) The path from the metadata. If not set, defaults to root path (all secrets).

Create an AlibabaCloud OOS Parameter Store instance

Setup AlibabaCloud OOS Parameter Store using the AlibabaCloud documentation:

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